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6 years compressor warranty.


Brand: Avolta
Product: Portable Air Conditioner
Model: PC30-AMEII/S
Cooling Capacity: 10,000 Btu
Remote Control: Yes
Swing: Yes
Features: 4-in-1 Function Cooling, Heating, Fan, Dehumidifying.
Power Source: 220-240V/50Hz
Cooling Capacity: 3000W
Heating Capacity: 3000W
Rated Cooling Power Consumption: 1280W
Rated Heating Power Consumption: 1100W
Moisture Removal (30℃, RH80%): 50L/day
Noise Level: 65 dB
Air Volume (M³/H): 330
Timer Setting (H): 0~24
Dimension (mm): 300 x 526 x 624
Weight: 28.5 kg

Why choose Portable Aircon?

1. No Restrictions Many apartment buildings, Condos, and even BTO HDB do not allow you to have a window air conditioner. Portable Aircon is a great alternative as they do not protrude from the outside of your home. Also, as their name suggests, they’re portable so it’s easy to relocate them from room to room.

2. A Small Unit for a Small Space Portable air conditioners are perfect if you live in a small space. Many people living in a studio or one-bedroom apartments find that they fit their needs perfectly. There’s also no permanent installation required so set up is extremely quick and easy. Also, when living in a small space, natural light, views, and other window benefits may be important elements you’d rather not sacrifice. Unlike Window Aircon unit, which takes up the majority of a window, portable air conditioners only take a fraction of the opening, preserving precious window space.

3. Cut Costs and Keep Cool Portable air conditioners are being used for economic reasons as well. They are great supplements to central air conditioning systems, which can be very expensive to run when they’re working hard to cool your entire house. On days when you only need cooling for one or two rooms, portable air conditioners are a great companion to central air, allowing you to significantly lower your central unit usage.

4. Alternative On-the-Go Cooling Many RVs, travel trailers or pop-up campers have unreliable cooling systems if they have one at all. Whether your on-the-go lifestyle is a temporary vacation or a permanent home, you’ll want to be comfortable in your space. A portable air conditioner offers a unique cooling solution perfect for the small living spaces within recreational vehicles.

5. Fans, Cools, and Dehumidifies at the Same Time Finally, portable air conditioners not only cool the air, but they also dehumidify it, leaving your space both cool and dry. If you suffer from allergies, it’s important for humidity levels to remain low. Also, if you live an area of high humidity, you know that moisture can be just as oppressive and discomforting as heat. The pair of them create an extremely unpleasant living environment. Portable air conditioners are basically two units in one, ridding the air of both humidity and heat simultaneously. Portable air conditioners are becoming more popular than ever before. As more and more people recognize the benefits of owning one, their popularity will only continue to grow. When considering your cooling options, consider that a portable air conditioner could be exactly what you need.



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